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Welcome to JLC Digital Marketing Agency, the digital marketing agency that specializes in ACCELERATING GROWTH for Dentists through online dental marketing. If you are looking for dental marketing ideas and strategies on how to grow your practice by getting new patients online, you have come to the right place! We only work with one Dentist in each area, and can help you INCREASE YOUR REVENUE and grow your practice. We do this by more effectively marketing online using the best dental marketing ideas and strategies in search engine optimization (Dental SEO), map optimization, social media, paid online marketing, reputation management, and other online dental advertising tools to connect with and convert patients. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to how to market your dental practice online. You may have even tried a few or attempted to take it on yourself. Those days are over. It’s time to put the EXPERTS in dentistry websites, dental SEO, and dental marketing in your corner. 

The complete Online Dental marketing checklist

Figuring out how to gain new patients, connect with existing patients, and reconnect with long lost ones can be a daunting task. And let’s face it. Just about every dental practice is online now-a-days. With online dental marketing your dentistry can connect with patients through structured approaches (Dental SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing). While marketing for Dentists dental practices, we have learned and executed the key elements of successful online dental marketing strategies and have it down to a simple checklist. This checklist will help you identify what your dentistry is missing from the current strategy and what you must focus on to accelerate growth through your dental website.

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